Why CPQ?

Basic Problem

In manufacturing industry very common basic problem is that business processes are isolated between corporate main functions sales, R&D and production and information is not always transferred fluently over functional process interfaces.

Isolated IT Solutions

Also commonly used IT solutions in industry segment are built to support isolated functions. Sales has its CRM system, R&D has their PLM and CAD environment and production operates within ERP. On high level these systems can be integrated together to form unified overall architecture but differences in data structures and user experience make it difficult on practical level.

CPQ is the Answer

CPQ system enables describing company product portfolio for sales in sensible manner that speeds up and facilitates the quotation process while improving output quality as well. It takes the input from PLM system in the form that is optimal for describing technical product structure and translates this for sales as understandable customer requirements and product features. It also enables quick conversion of won quotes to orders in ERP system for production in the form needed for manufacturing process.