CPQ Startup Packages

Our CPQ startup packages have been designed as standardized work packages that can be easily configured to form a fixed price package that fits your company's needs and helps to get started in CPQ implementation journey.

CPQ Startup Package for large enterprises

In large corporations there is typically both multidimensional business structure and broad system architecture landscape. Therefore it is usually best to start CPQ planning with proof-of-concept (PoC) approach, where an actual working prototype of the system is built with limited content and functionality but using company's own data content. This way it is possible to evaluate the system fit for the business from both functionality and usability perspective. At the same time it also forms a clearer picture about optimal system architecture and integrations needed as well as gives undestanding about the expected cost and resources needed to run the actual implementation project. PoC environment can also be utilized to create commitment from different organizational units towards coming implementation project by concretely demonsrating the benefits that the solution will bring to their organization.

CPQ Startup Package for mid-size enterprises

Mid-size companies commonly don't have the same develoment resources or financial premises to explore things as large corporations. Therefore we think that the best approach to CPQ implementations in these companies is to go directly for a productional pilot project that will give immediate business benefits to cover the effort. Often it is practical to limit the pilot to cover one sales area or product line or a combination of these. This way it is usually possible to determine return-on-investment (ROI) for pilot project alone and this gives the opportunity to evaluate benefits of CPQ in practice before considering larger scale company-wide implementations.

CPQ Startup Package for small enterprises

For small companies we offer CPQ solution as a "turn-key" delivery so that we determine a total price for complete project and handle the implementation from start to handover. For small companies investing into CPQ solution always requires strategic intention to grow sales and develop business system implementation should be seen as an enabler to reach this target.

Consultation and Support Services

Our consultation services cover everything needed for CPQ solution design and implementation. In addition we offer some support and maintenance services for application lifecycle. Also we consult companies in various different business development initiatives that relate to applying mass customization principles in business operations.

Business Development Services

Mass Customization: We help companies to understand the benefits of mass customization principle and support in execution of different business development activities that aim to realize these principles. These include e.g. product modularization and product data management projects, sales configuration, product pricing and project costing development as well as supply chain development to implement capabilities to run assemble-to-order (AtO) delivery concept.

Enterprise Architecture: We consult in formulating target enterprise architecture that is derived from business strategy and building roadmap for development activities that aim for implementing the target architecture especially, when CPQ system is part of the overall architecture.

CPQ Implementation and Support Services

Implementation Services: We can act in many various roles in a CPQ implementation being responsible of defined area of the implementation or we can act as main contractor to supply the solution. Our role in CPQ implementation can cover e.g. following topics:

  • Project management
  • Process definitions and application configuration
  • Product configuration modeling
  • System integrations
  • Trainings and organizational change management
  • Project coaching and mentoring

Support and maintenance services: We assist in lifecycle maintenance of Tacton CPQ solutions by supporting customer's configuration modelers and system administrators in problem solving and implementation of new business requirements.